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Two months ago i received my third order from

It was my second cutting cycle:

  • Testosterone(Propionate) – PHARMATEST P 100 ( Pharmacom )
  • Nandrolone Decanoate – Nandroxyl 250 ( Kalpa Pharmaceuticals )
  • Drostanolone Propionate – Masteroxyl 100 ( Kalpa Pharmaceuticals )
  • Oxandrolone – Oxandroxyl ( Kalpa Pharmaceuticals )
  • Arimidex

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Testosterone Blend

The anabolic steroid Testosterone blend is a mixture of testosterone with propionate ester, and testosterone with Enanthate ester. With well timed composition, this blend results to a synergistic strong anabolic and androgenic effect, can be applied by deep intramuscular injection only. Propionate ester shoots up the blood plasma levels of testosterone, while enanthate ester prolongs the levels. This makes the testosterone blend favorably safe for moderately frequent injection intervals. Such ratio can produce stable levels for a longer period within the body. This drug was produced as a hormone replacement therapy, and it was calculated that the esters would constantly produce testosterone for a period of one month.

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purchase HGH

Everyone who is interested to purchase HGH or human growth hormone can easily do so through online stores or a local store that sells it. Before doing so, you should be able to determine if you really want a natural HGH supplement or a synthetic chemical based one. This process may be a tedious one, but bear in mind that this will benefit you as a customer and will lead you to the right store where HGH are available.

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Injectable steroids cycles

Most athletes as well as bodybuilders prefer injectable steroid cycles over oral steroids for because of various factors. One of the major reasons is that these steroids do not have harmful elements such as the 17 alpha alkylation, which is a very dangerous chemical that can damage the liver seriously. Rather, the injectable steroid contains esters which can still be powerfully effective over a longer period of time. Minimal side effects were also observed because injectable does not pass through digestive system therefore it does not harm the liver and kidney in any way. This is primarily the reason why many opt to take these steroids especially for those who are into prolonged steroid cycles.

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